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Tailored to you, and for you
At Iyris Invitations, we know that each event is as unique as each individual. This knowledge is our jumping board towards creating for you, a unique invitation that will speak to and for you. By so doing, creating an invitation that truly reflects who you are.

For the perfect card that fits and meets your needs, we have several lines of invitations from which you can chose from. Once your choice is made, your invitations will be designed and or customized in order to suit and meet your needs, as well as the needs of your event.
our Invitations: 
We have the following four lines of cards to select from. Click on a link below, to read more about the cards.


Express your heart's whispers with our whispers invitations. By combining our talents with your vision, we will create for you an invitation to match your unique, individual style, voice, and personality. What whispers will your invitation share with your loved ones?


Consider our ecological invitations for invitations that will keep on giving. If your are environmentally conscious, and or just want to give your guests a memorable gift, this is your option; the card that keeps on giving.

Laser Cuts

For something different, something that stands out a little more, check out our customized laser cut cards. These cards work with our whispers and ecovites. They too, are fully customize-able to meet your deepest wishes and desires.


Try something innovative, try something different. Give your guests an invitation that is sure to stand out. For the digitally connected our electronic invitations are the way to go. Give your guests an invitation that is always accessible to them.

additional Services we offer: 
To serve you better, iyris invitations also offers the following services as a part of our extended services. Please select an extended service to learn more.