Iyris Invitations-Our Process

Crafting you, your dream invitation
At Iyris Invitations, our only limitation is your imagination.
If you can dream it, we can make it.

In order to bring your dreams to life, we follow set procedures and protocols. These protocols are put in place to ensure that your experience will be both joyful and memorable.

We rely on constant feedback from you, and keep our communication lines wide open. We listen and work with you to ensure that you receive the best product possible.
our Process: Step one - The meetup
For our all our clients, regardless of where you reside, the first course of action is always to meet up. Be it over a cup of tea (or coffee ) or be it via a digital connection (skype and otherwise)

If you reside in the Montreal or Greater Montreal area, then let's physically meet up! This gives us a chance to connect with you, and learn more about you and your needs. It is also an opportunity for you to see (and feel) our previous works, as well as go over the materials and products that will be used towards making your invitation.

Should you be located outside of the Greater Montreal area, don't be hardhearted. We can still meet up!
Thanks to the internet and online tools, our meet-up will be no different than if you are right here with us. We will be able to show you our samples, and material selection, just the same as if you were right here with us.

At our initial meeting:
  - We will get to know who you are, and what story you are looking to tell.
  - Show you past samples of our work, as well as materials we have available.
  - Get an idea of your theme, colour scheme, as well as what your vision for your event. 

our Process: after coffee (step 2 ---> invitation)

After our initial meet up, we will sit down and Crunch The Numbers.

The factors upon which your quotation are based upon are:
 - The quantity of cards to be produced.
 - The design of your invitation

* This includes: the labour, and cost of materials for your invitations.

After we have our numbers crunched, we will send you a quotation, for the cost of the project. We request for you to give ustwo business days to prepare the quotation, and send it to you.

On your end, you have up to five business days to reply to our quotation. If we still do not hear back from you, within the five business days, we will send you a polite reminder, requesting a reply. You have up to three business days to get back to us with a reply. If we still don't hear from you, we will close your file

Upon your approval of our quotation, a 50% deposit is required. Please note that our design process can only begin upon the receipt of your deposit

Then Off To The Drawing Board We Go!

From here, we do not need to meet in person (but we can if you want to), as our communication can be done electronically.

Before beginning your invitation, we need your wording(s). You have 5 business days, to send them to us. Upon receipt of your wording, we can begin designing your invitation. You will receive an initial design in seven business days. Any changes you wish to make to your wording, and or invitation design will be implemented at this point.

 After the reproduction of your card is competed, you will be required to pay the final 50% balance, on your pick up or delivery date. As part of our services, we also offer addressing. We serve clients from all over North America and world wide. Please contact us for a quote on how much it will cost to ship to you. Balance on invitations being shipped will need to be cleared before the invitations are shipped.