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Whispers - Let your heat's whispers be known
Our whispers line of invitations, is for our client who is looking for an invitation card that is completely unique to them. An invitation made just for them and their event.

Our whispers line of invitations, are designed and created just for you. To meet your needs. They are crafted with you in mind, using your directions and guidelines. Your tell us the whispers your heart longs to share, and we craft them into beautiful cards for you, and your event.

So, what whispers do you long to share with your guests?
invitation Options
Deepending on your needs we make the following options available to you:

1-Integrated Invitations
This invitation is an all inclusive invitation kit. The invitation is integrated into the kit, with integrated pockets for the RSVP, as well as other small enclosures you may wish to include. Enclosures commonly included are enclosures such as Maps and hotels.
2-Stand Alone Invitations
This invitation pack, comes with stand alone invitations, and stand alone reply cards.
These components are not integrated into the invitation.

For our clients who wish to have pockets for their invitations, they have the option of including a stand alone invitation pocket, with their invitation. For a cohesive invitation kit, should you decide not to include the invitation pocket, the invitations will come neatly wrapped in a complementary belly band.

Like with all our invitation cards,  you always have the option of getting your invitations personalized, as well as working with us to create a custom hand made invitation for you.  We will work with you, to ensure that your invitations best suit and meet your needs, as well as the needs of your event.


 Express your heart's whispers with these handmade invitations. By combining our talents and with your vision, we customize each invitation to meet your unique and individual style. What whispers will your invitation share with your loved ones?


Consider our ecological invitations for invitations that will keep on giving. If your are environmentally conscious, and or just want to give your guests a memorable gift, this is your option; the card that keeps on giving.

Laser Cuts

For something different, that stands out a little more, consider our line of customized laser cut cards. These cards work with our whispers and ecovites. They too, are fully customize-able to meed your deepest wishes and desires


Try something innovative, try something different. Give your guests an invitation that is sure to stand out. For the digitally connected our electronic invitations are the way to go. Give your guests an invitation that is always accessible to them.

additional Services we offer: 
To serve you better, iyris invitations also offers the following services as a part of our extended services. Please select an extended service to learn more.