Iyris Invitations - Who we are

Why chose iyris invitations?
From our day to day living, to the landmark events in our lives, we all seek to leave a distinct impression of who we are. At Iyris Invitations we get our joy from working with you to help you express your truest self. This ultimately enables who you are, to shine through your invitations.

By working together with you, and including you throughout our entire creative process, we are able to find the whispers that your heart longs to share. We then gently take these whispers and craft them into unique elegant invitations. Your invitations will be sure to brand your event with your personality and stamp it with your vision.

At Iyris Invitations, our only limitation is your imagination. If you can dream it, we can make it.
Your hand made invitations, are brought to life with the help of our team of skilled artisans. Each one of us brings a unique set of expertise to your invitations. By working together with you, our team ensures that your vision is well defined. With a well defined vision, and a well outlined process, you can be sure that the final product will be one that live up to your hearts' desire.

Nothing is more important to us, then including you in our creative process. Throughout our entire process, you will be consulted, and your ideas implemented. From start to finish, you are at the very heart of the creation process. The final results which will be an invitation that will truly reflect who you are.

How we make this happen

Each one of our handmade invitations is customized, personalized and tailored to you, and your event. We draw our inspirations from you, to make you, a one of a kind invitation. You are at the centre of our art, and part of our artistic process.

Our cards come alive through the combination of various textures, textiles and papers. The cards are then embellished, while paying special attention to the finest of details. All this leads to final piece becoming more than just an invitation. Your final product becomes a work of art, with you at its centre.

How we achieve this
We engage you. We work together with you. We breathe life into your visions. We include you in the creative equation, ensuring that you are a part of the creative process. We know the right questions to ask you, and we actively pay attention to your requests. Through inquisitive inquiry, we are able to find out what whispers your heart(s) hold, and more importantly know which whispers you long to share.

With these whispers in mind, we proceed to design for you, a one of a kind, hand crafted, (totally unique to you) invitation. Your uniquely crafted invitations are sure to fulfill your heart's desires and dreams. At the same time, they will also express who you truly are

So, what do you want your invitations to say about you?